Nautical Whale's Tail Applique Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Nautical Whale's Tail Applique Indoor/Outdoor Pillow. In many cultures, the whale is seen as a symbol of good luck, strength, good fortune and joy within. On our Olefin performance fabric pillow, classic navy and white are used to hint at the joy and strength just below the surface. With a white appliqued tail and delicately embroidered bubbles, this lumbar pillow is sure to delight. Fabric resists stains, sun fade and cleaning abrasion.
Product Details
100% Polypropylene, Olefin Performance Fabric
- Can be used indoors or out
- Hidden zipper closure
- 22" x 12" lumbar
- Designed, filled and finished in USA. Inserts made in USA Required care for outdoor use: Best for covered porches, not intended for prolonged exposure to dampness and rainy conditions. Care Instructions: Can be cleaned with bleach, with best results in the washing machine (gentle cycle), air dry. Low heat dryer. Do not iron.
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