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Ceramic, Wood and Metal Beach Art

Ceramic, Wood and Metal Beach Art
Beach Art takes many forms as each of our local artists can attest to. Art imitates nature, and our collection of artists has found the medium that express their love for all things coastal, including Ceramics, wood, and metal.

Situated along a dirt road deep in Daufuskie's maritime forest, the artist's gallery is a treasured local landmark. Visitors will find a yard filled with handmade metal sculptures, they'll also find Chase, the self-taught artist himself, hammering, cutting, forging and welding under the shade of a moss-draped oak.

In the words of Bonnie Belt, "A fascination with nature and trees has pervaded most of my 30-year career in art. I attended ceramics courses at college; later studied Chinese brush painting, from which I learned the subtleties of brushwork and the Chinese philosophy that influences my work."

The Surf artist, is the latest addition to our beach art collection. As a SoCal surfer himself, Shaun's inspiration comes from the swells and tides of the ocean. You will love his contemporary twist on coastal beach art.