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Iron fish Beach Art

Iron fish Beach Art
Winner of the Martha Stewart Made in America Award!

Situated along a dirt road deep in Daufuskie's maritime forest, Chase's gallery is a treasured local landmark. Visitors will find a yard filled with handmade metal sculptures,they'll also find the self-taught artist himself, hammering, cutting, forging and welding under the shade of a moss-draped oak.

In the artist's own words: The handcrafted artistry of my metal sculptures coupled with my island lifestyle and location is what makes my business stand out. I also believe that my unusual career change and "follow the dream" mentality resonate in many people's minds and hearts. Many people choose a career path for all the wrong reasons. It's tough to know who one is when one typically make these choices at such a young age and with few life experiences. In 14 years of talking with customers, a common thread I hear is "congratulations for following your dream". Inspiring someone to take a risk to follow their own dreams is truthfully the greatest reward my career could ever offer me.