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Picket Fence Fish

Picket Fence Fish
Fence Picket Fish Featured in Coastal Living Magazine and a Cottage & Bungalow Exclusive!

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind wall decor that exudes the beach, look no further than our Fence Picket Fish collection. Skilled artists take discarded picket fence posts and craft charming fish wall decor sets you won't find anywhere else.

Our talented artists handcraft and individually paint each fence piece to create a truly unique work of art. Fence Picket Fish sets come in themes made to fit your home decor, including Caribbean, Americana, Coastal, Moon Light and more.

Because each set is handmade, Fence Picket Fish sets vary slightly in color and texture. That unique touch is what makes Fence Picket Fish sets so enchanting. Adorn your beach house walls to create a fun space, hang a set on the walls of your lake house for added style and give guests a chuckle with a set in your bathroom. Or, add a set to your patio for a fun focal point!

Fence Picket Fish pieces are approximately 3"W x 23"L. Pieces include hooks for easy hanging.