Coastal Pillows

Coastal pillows are like the cherry on top of a coastal or beach-themed home. They’re great for bringing pops of color, texture, and luxury to your space. More importantly, coastal pillows or beach pillows bring in that extra touch of relaxation and comfort that is characteristic of a laid-back coastal home. 

Add tasteful and stylish coastal throw pillows to your indoor or outdoor living space today and create a soothing retreat from the real world. Whether you’re looking for coastal pillows for your couch, luxury coastal pillows, coastal decorative pillows, or beach cottage pillows, you’ll find what you will love at Cottage & Bungalow!

How To Style Your Coastal Pillows Like A Pro
Coastal pillows are the simplest way to bring in more beach vibes to your home but you can’t just throw them on your sofa and call it a day. To maximize the calming and relaxing feel of your coastal home with your coastal pillows, here are some tips to help you style them:

Mixing and Matching Beach Pillows
Mixing and matching different designs and patterns on coastal throw pillows is where many people stumble. There is a simple formula to make it easier to style various pillows. Pick one or two solid-colored pillows, one or two medium-patterned pillows, and one or two small patterned pillows. From there, incorporate one pattern at a time until you’re satisfied with what you see. The best part about this is that you won’t have to stick with these designs and patterns forever. There are always plenty of coastal pillow covers for you to choose from. 


Blending Textures
Don’t be afraid to get pillows that have various fabrics and textures. To make sure they tie in with the room, think about the textures throughout the rest of the room. This will help pull it all together nicely and neatly. Also, keep comfort in mind at all times since that’s what these pillows are for. 


Arranging Your Coastal Pillows
When arranging your beach pillows on your bed or sofa, it is best to have the largest pillows on the far corners and then in decreasing sizes as they approach the center. You could also have pillow groups in each corner of your sofa. When it comes to layering them, you could have the neutral or solid pillows at the very back with the front pillows being more of a statement piece.

At Cottage & Bungalow, our beach pillows are custom-made from the finest quality materials and are available in multiple sizes. Browse through our selection and find your new favorite coastal pillows today!