Nautical Entertaining

Cottage & Bungalow takes great pride in presenting this collection of precision marine and nautical accessories and décor for your coastal home and for your seafaring home away from home. Vintage nautical lamps, clocks, hygrometers, log books, barometers become perfect gifts for the sailor, historian or sea lover and add a distinctive touch to any coastal decor. For centuries, mankind relied on the heavens, on the circling planets and the constant horizon to guide them in their travels. A compass, a sextant, and charts were the necessary tools for plotting a course, but these required time for computations and a place to spread out and study the charts. Add a distinctly nautical feel to your coastal cottage decorating with these nautical accessories antiques. The craftsmanship displayed in this nautical décor collection, from development to production, is taken with meticulous care. Browse our unique collection of vintage nautical accessories and decor. Enjoy!