Benches and End of Bed Seating

Shop our collection of benches where you will find everything from casual wooden benches with stowaway baskets to hand forged metal seating for the foot of the bed. End of the bed seating is one of those pieces of furniture that works beautifully when you have chosen the right piece for your space and your needs. It's the most perfect way to put a finish on the room--you can add seating, or storage or have it be just a place to stage your outfits before choosing what to wear for the day. Getting the correct size for your end of the bed seating is key. Just like a console behind a sofa, there are guidelines that can help your selection. King size beds need end of the bed seating about 65-70" wide. With Queen, Full and Twin size beds make sure they are three-fourths the length of the bed. You can also use the combined length of two shorter benches together. Let your personality and your needs lead you.