Coastal Rugs

Nothing ties a coastal room together like a well-appointed coastal rug. With just the right stylish beach themed rugs, you will feel the beach beneath your feet as you walk into any room of your home. At Cottage & Bungalow, we have a large selection of bright and bold beach rugs for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for coastal rugs for the living room, beach area rugs, or outdoor coastal rugs that feel luxurious and can withstand heavy traffic, we’ve got you covered. From hand tufted to jute, from sisal to flat weave, we have every rug type you can imagine and in multiple sizes! 
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How to Pick the Best Coastal Rugs for Your Home
With a few beachy rugs, your home can be closer to the dream getaway home of your dreams. Here are some things to consider when picking out the best rugs for you:


Your Lifestyle
If you have kids or pets, expect that your rug will have a lot to deal with. In this case, flat weave rugs or rugs made of natural materials like wool would be best given that it’s easier to maintain and clean. If you’re aiming to create a sense of comfort and luxury, you might want to go with a hand tufted rug with softer materials like cotton. Just remember that it will not stand up to damage just as well as other materials.


Rug Style and Design
When thinking about the style, color, and patterns of your beach house rugs, consider how they’ll work with what you already have in your home.

Your beach themed rug doesn’t need to match everything in the room; but it has to complement the textures and tones of your existing furnishing. The same goes for its color and pattern. If there’s already a lot going on in your rooms, you can choose a neutral-colored rug with simple or no patterns. 

At Cottage and Bungalow, our coastal rugs are custom-made per order and with the highest quality materials to ensure they last. We have an array of attractive design and pattern choices from geometric to bohemian prints. We also have a wide variety of coastal rug types from flat weaves to hooked and tufted beachy area rugs. And they come in various sizes from the smallest to full room-sized pieces like our 10x14 coastal rugs. 


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