Coastal Cotton & Woven Rugs

What makes a rug magical? The right rug has the power to bring a whole room together in engaging synchronicity. A selection from our collection of woven cotton rugs completes your home's look in a way that nothing else can. Our assortment of woven cotton rugs is full of choices, whether you want to bring out your home's colors, give your decor a personal touch, add function or do all three. Pull your look together with color-popping patterned and striped woven cotton rugs from Dash and Albert. Embrace the earthly feel. Just imagine the luxury of your bare feet on a new rug. Now, that's truly magical. Fortunately, you're in the right place where COLOR lives and is nourished, transformed into patterns and designs more vibrant, more captivating than you have ever imagined. Affordable and durable, our hand-loomed 100% woven cotton rugs come in an array of palettes and patterns, including versatile tickings, charming Tattersalls and sensational stripes.