Barca Nesting Coffee Table Set

A coffee table is a centrepiece and can set the tone for your entire living room. The Barca Nesting Coffee Table Set has a contemporary style with rounded legs and edges. Its natural boat wood finish, adds both texture and colour variation to each piece. Styled either as two standalone tables, or nested together to create a layered look, this handcrafted set is both versatile and sassy.
Product Details
Dimensions: 27.56"W x 27.56"D x 14.17"H
Materials : Recycled Boat Wood, Iron
Color : Natural Boat Wood
Estimated Ship Date
Most pieces in stock and ready to ship out in about two weeks.
Shipping & Returns
Shipped furniture freight to your curbside. Please enlist assistance to place it in your home where it will sit. Eligible for return with a 25% restocking fee. Custom pays return shipping.
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