Coastal Furniture

Imagine feeling like you’re on vacation every time you come home no matter the season and no matter where you live. That’s exactly the effect that coastal furniture brings to your home! Primarily known for natural fibers, materials, and textures, coastal furniture, cottage furniture or beach house furniture brings about calm, relaxing, and casual vibes. These characteristics make your home a retreat perfect for bonding with family, having dinner with friends, or simply enjoying time to yourself. 
Each piece of beach furniture is typically custom made upon order and you can choose from many color options. This makes every table, nightstand and bed heirloom-quality and perfect for any luxury beach furniture collection. 
Find the perfect coastal furniture you will love at Cottage & Bungalow. Whether you’re looking for coastal living room furniture, coastal bedroom furniture, or coastal outdoor furniture, we’ve got you covered!

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Your Ultimate Coastal Furniture Buying Guide and Design Basics

If you’re aiming for that coastal vibe, beach house furniture or nautical furniture is a key component. And while everyone may have different styles, there are a few pillar principles of coastal design that will help you pick out the right coastal style furniture for your home. 

A Design Inspired by the Environment

Beach style furniture often draws inspiration from the environment. Often made from weathered woods, wicker, rattan, and fabrics, these pieces exude a relaxed and easy vibe. In addition, natural colors that are reminiscent of sandy beaches and blue skies elevate the coastal look of the furniture. So when you’re shopping, opt for a warm color scheme and try to imagine which coastal furniture would best make your home look comfortable, relaxing, and inviting. 


A Look That Is Casual Yet Refined
The overall concept for coastal style furniture or beach themed furniture is to keep things beautiful but relaxing and laid back. So when choosing furniture for your beach house, think bright, light, and airy which will make your home stylish, yet comfortable.

Our coastal furniture is custom-made by talented artisans who are experts at creating furniture that lasts. Whether you’re looking for beach furniture for your bedroom, coastal furniture for your living room, or nautical outdoor furniture, look no further. You can transform your home into an escape from the outside world with just a couple clicks. Browse through our selection and find what you will love at Cottage & Bungalow!