Beach Enamel Dinnerware

Porcelain Enamelware is entertainment made easy! There's nothing quite like a gathering with family and friends to share a meal or a shrimp and crab boil. Here you will find beautiful, festive porcelain enamelware that can stand up to broiler heat, dishwashing and even the freezer. The pieces in these collections are made for oven-to-table dinnerware and stovetop cooking. Manufactured with a high-quality porcelain finish which creates a non-porous and non-stick surface. This means no chemicals or BPA leaching into the food being served. This means a reduction to bacteria build-up, creating a safer surface from which to eat. This enamelware is more than beautiful and artistically-crafted, it provides a safe alternative for dinnerware and serveware for the health-conscious consumer. So haul in the traps and nets and let's bring on the feast!