Rosemary Cottage Birdhouse

Rosemary Cottage is the next door neighbor and the garden zoning will allow you to set up a birding refuge right in your backyard. Beautiful hanging baskets with lavender colored flowers adorn the front porch of this rosemary green paint. The ornate white trimming and heart shaped cut out allow your birds to come in and out while building their cozy nests for spring. The unpainted inside of this wood structure has a ladder made from screen to assist the fledglings their escape into the world. This is one house you won't want to miss. Clean out, drainage and ventilation included.
Product Details
Item Dimensions: 6.25"H X 8.75"W X 7.5 "D . Hole 1.25"
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Ships in 2-3 weeks.
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Ships FedEx or UPS ground. Eligible for return with 25% restocking fee. Please view our return policy for details.
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