Coastal Pumpkins!

Coastal Pumpkins!

26th Oct 2023

Halloween is here and it is a wonderful opportunity to decorate the front porch of your cottage with beach-styled pumpkins. We at Cottage & Bungalow are the Coastal Home Headquarters so it would be amiss of us if we didn't share our favorite coastal pumpkin decoration inspiration! 

Painted Pumpkins

We love the way the folks at Sand and Sisal have created this collection of pumpkins with simple tools like paint, sand, and an xacto knife. With starfish, coral, anchor and waves, these beautiful creations are the perfect representation of the coast!  

We get the question around decorating vs. carving pumpkins a lot.  Both are wonderful and decorative; however, painted pumpkins have a few advantages to call out - (1) Less mess! You don't have to cut or remove seeds/pulp, you simply paint the pumpkin as is, (2) Lasts longer! Since the pumpkin is not cut open, it can theoretically last the entire season and not just around Halloween, and (3) More options! The sky is the limit - or rather, the sea is the limit - to how many designs, colors, themes, etc. you can create!