Essential Coastal Furniture for Your Space

Essential Coastal Furniture for Your Space

23rd Feb 2024

Coastal interior design is a style that suits people that are looking for a welcoming space to spend time with friends and family and create memories together. It typically features a variety of materials and textures, where light and color inspired from the sea permeates. There are three key elements to selecting your essential coastal furniture for your space: color, material and pattern.

The Colors

Coastal style is all about invoking the colors of the coast while striking an aesthetically pleasing balance. The palette of colors typically used include - blue (including navy blue, indigo aqua, turquoise, sky blue), green, white, grey, brown and beige. It's strategic to use neutral tones for larger furniture - think about the creams, beiges, browns, and greys - while selecting smaller decorative pieces in bolder colors - think navy blue, aqua, coral, and yellow.


When a blend of coastal colors is put together, you are able to create a unique and refined aesthetic.

The Materials

When shopping for your essential coastal furniture, there are certain materials that will remind most people of the coast. Some of these include rope, glass, rattan and drifwood.

Rope or rope accents very quickly give a room a nautical feel. Glass is a classic coastal element - the transparency and the brightness are part of coastal style design. Bringing the outside inside is a part of the coastal style and rattan allows for a pleasing blend between style and comfort. Lamps, frames, mirrors and benches made from wood with original components (roots, live edges, drift) brings out the natural beauty of the coast and enhances the coastal design style.

In the room pictured below, the coffee table adds to the coastal vibe of the space. It brings in the feel of driftwood on the coast in addition to adding beauty and elegance to the space.


The Patterns

In addition to adding color, adding certain types of patterns are important decorative elements to the coastal style. Patterns to focus on include stripes, chevrons, and nautical themes.

Stripes have the power of enlarging a space and structures a space with symmetry. Nautical themes immediately convey the coastal style - seashells, seahorses, anchors and compasses are all elements of nautical patterns. Utilizing sealife patterns like coral, waves or sea animals will make your space seem closer to the coast.

The patterns in the rooms below can be found in the rug, the wall decor, and the pillows. These patterns add to the coastal aesthetic of the spaces and bring the neutrals of the room together. You can imagine how changing just a rug could update the style of your space immediately!

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