Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

16th Feb 2024

Have you heard the term "Modern Farmhouse Decor?" If you enjoy perusing the interior design blogs or are evaluating design options for your own home, you have definitely come across this term.

Modern farmhouse decor focuses on embracing the long time staples of the country farmhouse with modern day elements - this decor style combines warmth and simplicity with functionality and practicality.

Here are some key aspects of this style:

Neutral and Earthy Color Palettes. Colors founds in this type of decor blend in with the room and are typically pleasing for everyone to look at. Neutrals and early tones are a must ranging from creams, grays and whites to blues, greens and dark oranges.

Source: Four Brothers

Nature-Inspired Materials and Modern Finishes. Core to the farmhouse style is a rustic feel, grounded in using natural materials. Examples of these include: shiplap, wainscoting, reclaimed wood, wrought iron, brick, stone, rattan, burlap. What differentiates a classic style from a modern style is layering modern finishes. Examples of these include: stainless steel, polished stone, glass.

a dining room table with chairs

Designer: Lindye Galloway

In this dining room, the designer incorporated rattan, caning and other woven materials along with wood and contemporary sharp lines to create the modern farmhouse look.

modern farmhouse decor

Furniture with a Focus on Comfort and Warmth. While still utilizing nature-inspired materials and textures, the modern farmhouse style choose practicality, functionality, and warmth, exuding the vibe "welcome and please stay for a while." This can look like a combination of vintage and mid-century modern furniture with traditional fabrics and mixed textures.

a living room with a fireplace

Photo: Reid Rolls; Design: Leanne Ford Interiors

Industrial Lighting. The right light fixtures can complete a space by providing not only the light but also the focal point to bring a space together. Examples of industrial style lighting include dark-toned steel, metal lamp shades, exposed bulbs, and cages.

brushed aluminum and brass pendant lights over kitchen island with exposed beams wood hood fan detail marble backsplash dark wood pantry doors woven wood chairs at dining table light hardwood floors


light hardwood floors black herringbone tile hallway black framed windows shiplap wall accent black industrial light fixtures hanging black pendant lantern


Patterned Tile. Utilizing patterned tiles on the floor or even on the walls bring some charm into your space. Paired with the right furniture and clean lines, patterned tile pull the modern farmhouse look together.

kitchen with modern farmhouse decor

Source: Nicole Franzen

This patterned tile brings out a classic farmhouse look that is transformed into a modern farmhouse look with the modern pendant light, natural wood island, and whitewashed space.

Clutter-free, Minimalist Feel. A styling tip to keep the clean lines and textures in the forefront is to keep accessories to a minimum. Part of creating a cozy, welcoming space is having a more minimalist look with very intentional furniture and accessory choices.

Modern farmhouse decor is indicative of a slower, more intentional pace of life. It is not just a decorative basket here or reclaimed wood wall art there - it's a lifestyle.