What Exactly is Boho Chic?

What Exactly is Boho Chic?

8th Feb 2024

Boho chic is literally defined as boho, meaning "bohemian" and chic, meaning "stylish and fashionable" - in the design of our spaces, this has come to mean embracing natural textures, patterns and colors and layering/mixing them to create a comfortable and meaningful space that is unique to YOU.

For hundreds of years, bohemian has referred to people who led nomadic lifestyles and were known for their creativity, many being skilled artists, musicians, writers, actors or tradespeople. Today, bohemian embraces that very aesthetic that is inspired by those nonconformists of the past.

Here are a few ways to embrace the boho chic aesthetic:

1. Using Natural and Rustic Finishes. The boho chic style celebrates natural materials like wood, stone and textiles as well as woven materials like jute, wicker and rattan. 

2. Including Textures. Utilizing woven textures often define boho style, particularly rattan and wicker. This beautiful wall collage of sweetgrass baskets is a masterpiece of Wendy Blackband that exudes natural boho style.

BlackBand Design

3. Mix Styles.  Utilizing various styles of furniture, wall decor and art is typical to boho chic.  Core to boho is being comfortable and casual - pair styles that make you feel good and make your space welcoming.

4. Add All the Plants. Interiors that are styled boho chic typically feature plenty of plants and natural greenery. Adding lots of houseplants and rich green colors is very boho.

5. Pair Neutral Colors with Pops of Color. Modern boho chic style is all about grounding spaces in neutrals and adding pops of color. Pops of color can be a statement piece or can even be smaller items or wall decor. 

6. Artwork Reflecting Unique Travel Experiences and Interests. Including artwork and decor that reflect your personal style and lived experience help truly achieve the boho chic style in your space. 

Here are some boho chic Cottage & Bungalow products that our designers recommend:

Underhill Cocktail Table | Hamza Chair - Mink | Parasol Lamp | Mosaic Woven Jute Rug | Diamond Natural Woven Sisal Rug | Amelia Island Bed